Casey Gauntt

Casey Gauntt is the co-author of Suffering is the Only Honest Work, his first book. Casey is an attorney and senior executive of a major San Diego real estate company.  Casey lives in Solana Beach, California with his wife Hilary. Please visit Casey's websites, and Hilary's food blog,

Jimmy Gauntt

Jimmy Gauntt is the co-author of Suffering is the Only Honest Work.  Jimmy was a Trustee Scholar at the University of Southern California where he majored in English and Spanish.  He is the author of the poem which is this book's title as well as six plays, five screenplays and many other poems and short stories.  Beginning in 2010, the USC English Department annually bestows the Jimmy Gauntt Memorial Award -- aka "The Jimmy" -- to the top graduates in English. Jimmy passed over to the other side in 2008 at age 24.

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Jimmy Gauntt—personable, brilliant Jimmy—died at age twenty-four, struck by an automobile. The promising young man’s death shattered his father Casey’s heart. And yet, in the coming months, Casey and his family would experience something amazing.

Through seeming coincidence and moments of magical synchronicity, Jimmy makes himself known to his family, sparking an amazing healing process that leads Casey—a conservative businessman—into the mystical world of mediums, shamans, coffee readers, and spirit guides.

Suffering Is the Only Honest Work reveals the strength and love that Jimmy continues to give his family as a force from the other side—one that allows Casey to come to terms with his own father’s death thirty-eight years before Jimmy’s passing.

Join Casey and Jimmy as they discover that even death cannot separate us from our loved ones. Readers will also witness a moving, deeply personal series of letters pass between Casey and the young driver who killed Jimmy—a correspondence of compassion and forgiveness subtly influenced from beyond the grave.

For anyone who has ever lost a loved one, Casey and Jimmy offer the greatest gift of all: the awareness that we never lose those who are most precious to us.